"Art and Ruins of the Ancients" Chapter 6, Exploring the Four Corners Area with Gizmachis

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Gizmachis is back to exploring the Four Corners Area for our series. It has been a while, so today we share with you what we found when we took a Sunday drive to explore Arch Canyon, about 50 minutes south of where we live.
Above is a small ruin that we spotted on our way into Arch Canyon.
As we headed a little further into the canyon, we spotted this sign and fenced off area of ruins. From the condition of the trail up to the ruins, it was evident that not many venture into this area.
Here are some of the pictographs and petroglyphs that we saw around this ruin site.
It was around 100 degrees and we were at about 5,200 feet elevation. As we wandered our way even further into the canyon, we found two more ruins on a cliff edge, We did not climb up to these. The first photo below shows the front view of a ruin. The second photo is the smaller structure on the ledge above Ted.
Then, we explored the rock overhang below these structures which had a couple of multi-roomed ruins. We always love seeing the fingerprints and hand prints in the clay.
We made our way to the end of the trail which borders on National Forest Land.  At the end of the trail was this beautiful arch in the center top half of the photo.
As always, we enjoy seeing all of the wildflowers and unusual rock formations. And, our signature heart-shaped rock find of the day.
And, on our way out of the canyon, we spotted two more ruins high above us on a rocky cliff that both had a half-wall of stone with a vertically placed row of sticks across their entrances. This is somewhat visible from the dark circle in the center of the photo below.
Interested in seeing a little more of this area? Check out our video below from YouTube.  Click this link to see the video.
Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.
As always, thank you so much for joining us on our little adventure into Arch Canyon. Until next time,
Ted, Carrie & Ollie

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