"Art and Ruins of the Ancients" Chapter 7, Montezuma Canyon

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This time Gizmachis is venturing out into one of our very favorite places, Montezuma Canyon. We discovered this canyon not long after moving here and we have been enamored by it ever since.
As an added plus to today's post, our friends Dixie, Jude, Sheila and Chris from Montezuma Canyon Ranch and Vineyard invited us on a tour of the vineyard on our way through the canyon today. These new owners have big plans for this beautiful little place. We can't begin to tell you how gorgeous this little vineyard and surrounding property is. They have many different varieties of grapes as well as a large variety of fruit trees as well. Enjoy!
Now, let's venture into Montezuma Canyon and see what we find there...
We have driven by and hiked around this area before and did not realize this ruin was there. It proved to have some interesting things. This site seemed to have had many rooms at one point. There was a short brick wall built on tall ledge above the other structures that was rather like an oven or box made of bricks. Large and small rocks were used together to construct some of these walls. We also found an ear of corn on the ground. The view from the ruins were breathtaking.
Roadside attractions along the way to the next ruin...
The next ruin was amazingly unique and very interesting. Definitely gets you thinking... There were tall slabs of rock arranged in a "Stonehenge" type way, arranged in somewhat of a curve along with evidence of several crumbled structures nearby.
Now, on to the "Three Kiva Pueblo." We have been told that this site has been repaired and rebuilt. Another amazing place to see. Kivas were built partially or fully under ground and supposedly were used for religious ceremonies.
On the way out of the canyon, we found more sites, this one had some petroglyphs nearby as well..
We found a high ledge with many structures, some intact, some not, all the way across the ledge. One of the structures was amazingly structurally built and beautiful. Given that it was the end of the day and we were kinda beat at this point, we left this hike until next time.
There is one more thing that we would like to show you. This site is across the creek and we have not ventured there yet. If you're thinking that these look a lot like steps up to that cave, you're right. Our friends at the vineyard told us that those hand and foot holds have been used so much over time that there are finger and toe wear-marks in them. Amazing, huh? One day, we will show you..
Steps up to a rock cave in Montezuma Canyon
And, as usual, we will end with our amazing nature photos for the day as well as our signature heart-shaped rock.

We hope you enjoyed our little adventure share. See you again next time exploring the Four Corners Area.

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