"Art and Ruins of the Ancients" Chapter 8, Dry Wash Cave Ruins, with Gizmachis

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In this episode, we set out on a Sunday drive behind our house, up and over our gorgeous mountain and down the other side to explore the Dry Wash Cave Ruins. Perched high up on a rocky cliff, this is yet another area filled with amazing things to see.
But first, we have to show you the view from North Creek Pass
Gorgeous, huh?
Ted took this using the Theodolite app on his phone.
Now on to the ruin site...
There was a sign at this site that said it dated to about 1250 AD, it was used by the ancient Pueblo Indians, they built and used ladders to access the site and they located here because of the availability of water in this canyon. It also suggested that these sites were used as granaries to store food. These ruins could not be accessed so we admired them from below.
This gives you an idea of the massive size of this rock face.
As we continued a little further up the road, we came across what appeared to be a fairly recent large rock slide. Ted had to use the ax to clear some trees out of the way so that we could continue. The large rock in the road was one of many others, equal in size, that had come down in the slide, along with some trees, large and small.
Here are some of the unusual rocks and flowers we found, as well as our heart-shaped rock find. We also spotted some deer and turkeys. Perhaps the most unusual thing, which we have found before at other sites, is the little shell in Ted's hand. Seems out of place here, doesn't it?
From this area, you can see the back of the Bears Ears Monument towards the right of the photo below.
Once again, thanks so much for joining us on another one of our spectacular adventures in the Four Corners Area. We hope that you are enjoying our series. If so, please let us know by leaving us a comment! Enjoy.

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