Do you feel comfortable being photographed?

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We have spent the last week with Daneeca Barrone, an amazingly talented professional photographer from Taos, New Mexico. We have known Daneeca for a couple of years. We met her when exhibiting at the Lilac Festival in Taos. We immediately hit it off with her as our booths were right next to each other. We asked Daneeca if she could come here to Monticello so that she could capture us in this area for our first round of professional photos for Gizmachis. Although Ted is a natural ham for the camera, I have to admit I was a little nervous. Having my photo taken is something I have not done for years and years. Daneeca managed to make us feel very comfortable right away. She has an awesome eye for setting up the perfect shot and she is very sweet and kind. She brought along her Mom, Della, and the four of us (oops, five, I forgot Ollie!) had the best time going out exploring and shooting tons of pics. On our first photo shoot day, we took Daneeca and her mom to Moab and drove the Hell's Revenge trail in our vintage 1944 Willys Jeep. Neither of these ladies have ever been on the red rocks of Moab so they absolutely had a blast and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. We laughed all day long which is a great way to capture wonderful photos! The second photo shoot day, we went up into the Abajos where fall is definitely showing its beautiful colors. Again, Daneeca came up with some really amazing shots of us in our "natural environment." We also spent some time in Montezuma Canyon amongst the ancient ruins, petroglyphs and Three Kiva Pueblo. They had never seen anything like it and enjoyed it very much. We all did. Dynamic surroundings = dynamic photos. Stay tuned, we will be sharing some of these photos with you in our social media posts.

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