Gizmachis is a Collaborative Effort

Posted by Carrie Giacolone on

Ted uses the vintage Victor oxy/acetylene cutting torch to cut out a crown.
Did you know that each piece of metal art sculpture we make is a collaborative effort between Ted and I? Each piece of metal art that we make begins with Ted in the blacksmith with a flat (or relatively flat) piece of recycled sheet metal. The pattern is sketched onto the metal then cut out using a vintage Victor oxy/acetylene cutting torch. The pieces are then hand formed and textured, then welded back together to complete the base layer. This is where I come in. The pieces then come into the studio for a good scrubbing and are prepared with a light coat of primer or gesso. Each piece is then hand painted and embellished. Each piece has the hands of two artists on it before completion.
We have a tremendous amount of fun making art to share with you. I never know what Ted will come up with next. It is always such fun to add paint to a piece and see it come to life before our very eyes. Making our art is a very exciting process and it brings us joy. We like to include a bit of humor whenever possible.
Do you have a special project in mind for a custom piece of metal art? We would love to work with you to make something amazing just for you. Short on ideas? We have lots. The sky is the limit. That's what we do.  Email us today at, we'd love to hear from you!

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