How did the Gizmachis collaboration begin?

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Before Ted and I started selling our art, we dabbled in papier mache and a few jewelry pieces. Our first collaboration was a 5-foot tall saguaro cactus made from papier mache. We had so much fun making this we decided to make a giant crab, complete with a navy sailor hat, a cigarette in his mouth and an anchor tattoo which says "MOM." This guy hangs in our studio.

From there we began collaborating on jewelry pieces. The piece below features solid copper pennies that Ted dapped to form a ball and welded back together. Then, I added a gorgeous pink crystal along with a piece of sari ribbon and a few beads. Ted also rolled two sides of three more copper pennies and I attached tiny pink seed pearls to them with wire and embellished the chain with another piece of beautiful piece of sari ribbon.

Seeing this piece again makes me want to work on some jewelry pieces. Maybe this winter, we will do just that. It's good to shift creative gears every once in a back to our story.
Then, in 2016 we began Gizmachis. We started participating in the Moab Farmers Market.
I know it's hard to imagine but most of the people that came to the market were shopping for fresh produce. One Friday, we were on the way home from the market and I said to Ted "I think we should make some produce to offer too!" So, a couple of days later he came in to the studio with the carrot and the corn.
I had to laugh at these two little characters when he brought them to me. He handed them to me and said "Now, you paint them." I thought to myself, "Can I do that?" They sat on my shelf for about two weeks while I contemplated this new substrate. Finally, I picked up the carrot and started dry-brushing paint onto the metal, layer by layer. Then, I decided to work on the face and when I did this little guy came to life! As soon as I finished the carrot I could not wait to start on the corn.
Now, I can't wait to start painting on a new piece. It's so exciting to see the change that occurs by adding layers of paint and all kinds of mixed media. We are having so much fun collaborating as artists. Did you know that our goal is to bring smiles to people's faces with our art? We just think the world needs more smiles. We hope that you are enjoying what we make together. Thanks for reading!

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