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In 2016 I signed up for Wanderlust, a year-long online art course from Everything Art UK. That year, they offered some nice art aprons with the Wanderlust logo and Everything Art logo on them so I ordered one of each for the studio. By June of 2016, the class was well underway and I was having loads of fun doing this class in my new studio. I have a spot just inside the door to hang my aprons. One day in late June, I opened the door, put on my apron, tied it in the back and sat down at my desk. I felt something poking me from the inside of the apron around the waist area in the front. I untied the apron to take a look. Inside the apron, a butterfly chrysalis had attached itself to the fabric. I gently removed it and set it on my desk so that I could show Ted. Well, I forgot to show Ted and closed up the studio for the night. The next morning when I went back out, I saw this gorgeous, large, Mourning Cloak butterfly flying around the studio. I sat at my desk pondering how I was going to get this precious thing out without harming it. Behind me, the window was open and a nice breeze was blowing through the screen. Sometime later as I sat working at my desk, this butterfly flew down from the loft on the opposite end of the building, right over my shoulder and perched on the windowsill behind me. I quietly got up with my phone in hand, snapped a quick photo, went outside and gently lifted the window screen and away she flew! Amazing.
Have you ever seen a Mourning Cloak butterfly? They are my absolute favorite. I had never seen one before we moved to Utah. The look like black velvet with cobalt blue and gold on their wings. They are quite large and absolutely stunning. Oh, thank you Mother Nature.
It was a significant thing to witness. I viewed it as a message for us. I was left with the feeling that it is "time to fly" with regard to our artistic journey and in August, Ted and I opened Gizmachis, a long time dream of ours to collaborate as artists.
Of course, I had to do a journal page about the incident...

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