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I have always been interested in art and creating. When I was a young child, there was no question that I was interested in anything and everything creative. When my mom and grandma would sew, either by hand or with a machine, i was right there watching. My grandma had an old Singer treadle sewing machine that I would stand behind and "help" guide the fabric through. I just wanted to be near her while she worked this wonderful machine!

I had a very talented aunt who was an accomplished artist in many different mediums. I found her most fascinating and I admired her very much. She was interested in all kinds of amazing things--oil painting, copper work, wood carving, needlepoint, sewing, gardening, home decor, cooking and fashion.
My mom was an artist. She wrote poetry and liked to draw. Unfortunately, she did not realize her talent until much later in life.
I continued to explore art until I graduated from high school. In fact, Art with Bunny at Bellarmine was really the only class in high school that I couldn't wait to get to. I still have my report cards from Bunny on which she encourages me to continue my art practice and education.
I went to work right out of high school, life set in and I didn't really do much art. I did find; however, that every so often the necessity to create would be so strong that I would HAVE TO get my supplies out of the closet and play.
Then, I met Ted. Ted introduced me to his sister who was into scrapbooking. Seeing what she was doing inspired me to get out my photos and scrapbooking supplies and play. When I was done, I would pack it all up and put it back in the closet. After seeing me do this a couple of times, Ted said to me "Why don't you just leave your supplies out?"
Our good friend, Mary Bessette, an amazing artist from Gig Harbor, inspired both Ted and I very much. She was an accomplished, amazingly talented artist, mainly in stained glass, jewelry and mixed media. Ted has been friends with Chuck and Mary for many years. Years ago, when Ted would go over to visit Chuck, he would end up with Mary and her friends in Mary's kitchen creating art around her table. Then when Ted met me, Mary always used to tell me "I can't think of anybody more perfect for Ted than you!" Mary was very supportive about Ted and I exploring a creative venture together at some point in our future.
Below is a photo of my creative space in the corner of our living room about a year after Ted encouraged me to leave my supplies out. It's almost as if when Ted told me to leave my supplies out, he was opening the door to my little bird cage and I flew free. It was at this point that I began my artistic journey in mixed media (scrapbooking is often times the gateway "drug" for mixed media artists). At this point, I began taking online art courses to further me along my artistic path. I still enjoy online classes today. I love to continue to learn and grow.
Below is a photo of our current studio space. This building used to be used for hay storage and tractor parking. When we purchased the house, this building was completely unfinished inside and had a very-out-of-level dirt floor. We finished the inside and poured a concrete floor. We are very, very blessed to have this space to work in and enjoy spending time in it every day.
Now, I can't imagine a day without art. Thanks for coming along for my story. Now, go do something creative!

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