All our best to you in 2019!

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Thank you for making 2018 such an exciting year here at Gizmachis! As we head into the New Year we are filled with excitement about creating new pieces, meeting new people and connecting to the far reaches of the world with our art through our newly established Instagram and Facebook accounts. It has been truly amazing to post a photo of our work on Instagram and within minutes have somebody across the globe appreciate what we've made. It's quite a feeling.
Currently working on...
2x2 journals inspired by Kim Collister's article in Art Journaling
You may already know this but Ted and I have a mission statement for Gizmachis. Our goal is to bring smiles to people's faces with our art. In the new Jan/Feb/Mar 2019 issue, Kim Collister wrote an article about making and abandoning these 2x2 mini journals. I have heard of randomly abandoning pieces of art in the community, but after reading Kim's article, I felt like this was something I should do right now. These are 2x2 format journals that include positive words and phrases along with gorgeous paper and ribbon scraps as well as a few little surprises. I am making 10 of these for now and they will be placed out in the world to uplift and inspire, hopefully falling into the hands of somebody who needs a "hug". I have a feeling I will continue this practice. Maybe this will inspire you to do something to make our world a little better place for somebody out there, even if it's just a kind word or a smile...
Ted has been very busy too, making many new pieces for me to paint. Stay tuned ")

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