"Art and Ruins of the Ancients", Chapter 2

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In this chapter, we will show you a very nice group of petroglyphs we found near Newspaper Rock; a petroglyph panel on a rock in Bridger Jack Canyon and "the five faces" in Davis Canyon (absolutely amazing), along with other petroglyphs, ancient ruins and evidence of ancient life in the area.
Let's start out with what we found near Newspaper Rock...
This is the rock formation near Newspaper Rock.  Hiking is not for the faint of heart but if you can get up there, there are some amazing things to see.  Check out the photos below.
This was a spectacular panel with all kinds of unusual images.
This panel can be viewed from the road if you know where to look.  This is an example of how easy it is to miss these if you don't know they are there.
Now, on to Bridger Jack Canyon...
A nice panel you can see from the road at Bridger Jack Canyon.
Detail of the panel in the photo above.
Don't bail yet, we left the best for last...
Now, we will show you what we found in Davis Canyon at the edge of Canyonlands.
We will start off with some photos of amazing nature that we came across; flowers, crazy rock formations and amazing views. Again, you will see the hiking is not for the faint of heart. If you can manage it, you will see some amazing things.
Next, we will show you some things that touched our hearts...several large rocks that looked like they were used as sharpening or grinding stones and actual ancient fingerprints in the mud that holds the rock walls together.
And now, here is the coolest thing we saw, it's called "the five faces." And, we learned something from our friend, Pete, who came along with us. In our last blog post, we put up photos of some things that we were not sure if they were genuine or not as they looked "painted on." Pete explained to use that these are indeed authentic and they are called "pictographs." Lesson learned. Enjoy! We thought these were amazing.
We hope that you enjoyed our little ancient art history share. If you want to see more, please subscribe. We have some great things to show you.
-Ted and Carrie, Gizmachis

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