"Art and Ruins of the Ancients" Chapter 3

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Today, we're taking you with us to Shay Canyon. The petroglyphs in this area are relatively easy to reach and are just off the highway. We have driven past them many times without even knowing they existed, until today. We saw more petroglyph panels today than we've ever seen in one area. A small percentage of them can be seen from the highway with binoculars. There were definitely stories being told here by the ancients. We hiked further into the canyons but did not come across anything significant. We were told there were dinosaur tracks in the canyon but we were not able to distinctly pick them out today.


Shay Canyon, the view from where we parked the Jeep

 Here we go...

 First, we will show you our nature photos. Unusual rock formations, our signature heart shaped rock find, a shaman stone (dark with bubbled texture), general breathtaking scenery and the wildflowers, which are now starting to bloom.
Next, we will show you some photos of the many panels of petroglyphs that we came across today.
And now, we will show you some of the close-up details of these larger panels...
The next two photos are a petroglyph that resembles a turkey and some turkey tracks that we saw further up the canyon.
This is the first time we have seen this type of petroglyph.  I looks like it might be a turkey.
Turkey tracks further up the canyon.  See the similarities?
So, that's it for now. We hope you are enjoying sharing our little adventures. If you think you'd like to see this sort of thing in person, check out our Airbnb, the Coffee Pot Cottage in Monticello, Utah. Come on out and visit, we'll take you on a tour.
Ted and Carrie

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