"Art and Ruins of the Ancients" Chapter 4

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In today's post, come along with the Gizmachis crew and we will show you a few of the petroglyphs that can be easily seen from the road at Kane Creek in Moab, Utah.


Cliffhanger Trailhead, Kane Creek Area

The area around Kane Creek is absolutely amazing to see. Every time we drive through, we are amazed by what nature has done here. You can get quite far into this area without a four-wheel drive vehicle and petroglyph sites can be seen from the road.

 The photos below are from a large rock boulder with art on all four sides, it can be recognized by a surrounding small wooden barrier around the boulder and several small one vehicle pull-outs nearby. It is said that these range from the Formative to the historic Ute period. Notice the "birthing scene" with the feet-first presentation of the baby. You will also see various animal forms including what might be a centipede, a horse, bear paws and a snake. There are also triangular amthropomorphic (human) figures.
Below are a few more photos of other petroglyph sites, also visible from the road through the Kane Creek Area.
If you're an avid four-wheeler, this area has many trails in the area ranging from easy to extremely challenging. The scenery is breathtaking but do not be fooled because each canyon has something different to offer.
Even though we have lived in this area for five years now, we have never intentionally sought out petroglyph sites like we're doing in this series. It is quite surprising how plentiful this evidence of the ancients is in this area, and we haven't even scratched the surface (no pun intended). They absolutely had a lot of stories to tell and a lot to say as evidenced in our findings. We hope that you are enjoying our photographic presentation as much as we are enjoying exploring and sharing this history with you. Until next time...thanks for joining us.

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