Heading into Spring!

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Well, if you've been keeping up with us, you remember that we had the biggest amount of snow that Monticello has seen since the '70s this year. It is now melting and in a few days it will probably all be gone. Last year was a very, very dry year here so we really needed all that moisture.
In the studio, we have many, many new pieces on the table and can't wait to share them with you...mushrooms, mermaids, automobile art, an amazing band and some custom pieces. After layers and layers of paint and a few final details, we will share them all with you on social media.
If you're not following us already, please do! We are on Instagram as Gizmachis and on Facebook as Gizmachisart. Also, be sure to tour the new website. It is always changing and being updated to keep it interesting. We have over 100 items in our store.
With the melting snow, we will again be able to access the mountains and head out on our regular "inspiration breaks."
Last year, we tried our hand at vending and ventured out into Colorado, New Mexico and parts of Utah. This year, we are focusing more on our online presence and we will be home, in the studio producing new pieces.
That's about it for now. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for checking in!
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