My First Submission to a Magazine!

Posted by Carrie Giacolone on

I always look, with eager anticipation, to opening my mailbox and finding the newest issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors. In the January/February 2018 issue, I noticed a Reader Challenge calling for "A Stitched Collage Cityscape". I thought, "Maybe I'll give this a try". I finished this little piece and set it on my table so that I could look at it for a while. I actually made several little cityscape collages but this one seemed to want to be "the one". I sent it in. I just can't tell you how exciting it was to open the Fall 2018 issue and see my work! It is featured along with many other absolutely amazing stitched cityscapes, each and every one a little bit different. Exciting stuff!

A Beach in Palermo, Sicily

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