To patina or not to patina...

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As you know, we are currently enjoying collaborating on painted metal art sculpture. You may not know that if these pieces are left outside in the weather, they will take on a lovely rusty patina over time. If you choose to keep the piece inside you can preserve the paint for years to come. However, if you like a rusty patina, you can put the piece outside and it will begin to rust in places over time.
We have an example of this to show you with our lovely Lilac Garland. Here is a photo before outside exposure:
And, here is a photo after outside exposure:
It's really up to have the option of two completely different looks for the painted pieces.
We are also able to offer pieces unpainted, if that is something you might be interested in. In that case, these pieces are usually for display outside and will rust over time as well. A good example of this is one of our horse planters. Over time, outside exposure will cause the piece to look more like this. Take into consideration that the different metals used to make each piece, some of which may have some of the original paint intact, will rust differently, but you get the idea...We really like this look as well and it has been very popular.
So, there you have it. Is there something we can make for you?

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