Custom Work/Testimonials

Thinking about a custom project?

These are a few stories from our awesome customers who allowed us the pleasure to create a custom piece of Gizmachis Metal Art just for them!  One of our favorite things to do is bring an idea about a special piece of art to life.  Do you have an idea about something you would like custom made?  Or, maybe you would like something but need help with ideas?  Let us know, we are here to help.  Get in touch to decide on and design a special piece of Gizmachis Metal Art just for you.


Crescent Moon and Stars January 2020

A neighbor in town had a couple of washers and dryers in their garage that they needed to get rid of.  Knowing that Ted did metal art, they asked if we wanted them.  We accepted and went to pick up the machines.  In return for the metal, we asked if we could make them something.  We decided on this large crescent moon and star to hang above their garage.  Love it!


Vegetable Garden Stakes October 2019

We had the pleasure of making this adorable set of 10 veggie garden stakes for Della B. of Taos, New Mexico.  She has a very large family garden.  These little ones will be mounted on stakes and will adorn her beautiful, bountiful garden.  The set of 10 included a cabbage, a cucumber, a jalapeno, an okra, a carrot, a very cool green bean, a tomato, herbs, red leafed lettuce and "herbs."  Fun, huh?


Custom Fireplace Surround August 2019

A friend of ours in town hired Ted to build and install a custom metal fireplace surround in his home.  The project is in process and we decided to show you Ted's progress so far. 


1963 Mercury Breezeway March 2019

We made this wall hanging for some dear friends of ours, Chazz and Naomi of Sunflower Repair Station in Lockhart, Texas.  It is a representation of their amazingly cool vintage ride.  Remember the Breezeway?  It was the one that the back window goes up and down.  Such a great car.  It was so much fun to do this piece for them.


"Richski" November 2018

Some dear friends of ours came to visit and wanted us to make a custom piece of metal art for them.  They are avid skiiers.  We decided to make this cool little dude, he stands about two feet tall and adorns their ski chalet.  


Purple Pitchfork Farm August 2018

Brian from Purple Pitchfork Farm approached us to make a custom rendering of his favorite chicken to place atop his flagpole at the farm.  Brian supplies farm fresh eggs to our small community via our local hardware store, The Monticello Mercantile.  Thanks, Brian, for the opportunity to make a custom piece for you, the beautiful photo...and the eggs!

"We supplied a photo of one of our favorite chickens with an idea for a flagpole topper for our chicken farm. Ted and Carrie definitely gave us more than we ever thought possible. The details in the paint and the workmanship of the metal was over the top. Would definitely have them do more pieces for us."  --Brian B.


"Frank" August 2018

Ted and I were in Pagosa Springs when we met Suzanne.  She asked if we thought we could do a custom piece as a memorial for long-haired Daschund, Frank, a very loved little dog that she and her husband had lost.  We talked with Suzanne talked about the scope and the details of the project.  We gave her our business card and a couple of months later we got a call from her.  She sent us photos of Frank so that we could begin the project.

Ted started making the metal sculpture of Frank.  I could not believe it when he handed me the little adorable dog.  Now it was my turn to add paint and the details to this little guy.

When the piece was finished, I e-mailed photos to Suzanne for her reaction and to see if we were on track.  This is her response:  "OMG!  Your e-mail made me cry...we miss Frank SO much!  This piece will be a surprise for my husband's birthday mid-September!

A few days later we delivered Frank to Suzanne.  She was very happy with our version of their beloved friend, Frank.  

We can't express how good it feels to be able to make people smile with our art!


"Frank"...the story continues...August 2018

Several days after delivering Frank to Suzanne, we received this e-mail from her:

"THANK YOU!! It was such a pleasure to meet you and to work with both of you.  I could have spent ALL afternoon talking to you and learning about all the details of Frank’s creation ( I’m fascinated by your talent)  but I hated to delay you getting up in the mountains to go camping.  I hope you enjoyed yourself and didn’t get rained on too much. I Greatly appreciated you making the trip and delivering him to me! 

I really can’t thank you enough - first for even accepting the challenge - and then getting it done so quickly before we left - 
And then I have to say- the end result really exceeded my expectations!!  It was hard for me to even imagine how this could be done - and I am just amazed at your creativity and the talents you both have. And how much it actually resembles Frank! 

You may never really know how special this will be to us - I think the smiles and laughter and joy that this art piece will bring us will replace the sadness, tears and heartache that have been with us for this past year.   I think it’s just what we needed!

Thanks so much for sending me the pictures - so fun knowing that he was created from recycled metal and he is part Maytag! 
And amazing how the painting makes him come to life and give him so much personality.  You both are so incredibly talented and I’m so happy we met! 

I’m going to give him to my husband, Jim, tomorrow!  I am so excited!  We are having some of our good friends over for dinner - so I thought it would be fun for everyone to share with us in the fun and the surprise. 
I can’t wait.  

So a HUGE thank you again -and  I’m sure we will meet at some point down the road  because now I’m afraid I might be becoming addicted to Gizmachis!!!!  I love my bugs too!  Such cute and happy addition to my garden. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer,

The next evening, we received these photos of Jim and Frank.  It's amazing to be able to make people smile like this with our art!  Thanks Suzanne, Jim and Frank!


The Firefly October 2017

A friend of mine told me that his sister-in-law was looking for somebody to make her a firefly pendant.  He put Debby and I in touch and that is when I heard the story of the firefly...

Recently, hurricanes have been plaguing Texas.  Debby told me that she lives in Dickinson, Texas, and that they had been spared, luckily.  She said that she was sitting on her porch watching the hurricane in the distance and a firefly kept flying around her.  It stayed with her for the longest time.  The thing is, they don't have fireflies in Dickinson, Texas.  Since her father had just recently passed away, she said that she could not help but feel that the firefly was her father's spirit staying with her to protect her.  Goosebumps?  Me too.

Here are the four pendants that I created and sent to Debby to choose from.  I sent them to her in this mixed media box that I made.

When she received her little package, this is the text that she sent:  "My box of love and joy was waiting for me today.  You are so amazing and so wonderfully talented.  I feel like I have been hugged.  These will be treasures forever.  Thank YOU!"  Debby kept all four of the firefly pendants.  She plans to share them with her mother and her two sisters.